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Coronavirus is scary. We go to bed scared of what is going to happen tomorrow, who is going to be infected. But at least we fall asleep. When you watch your children struggling to sleep on an empty stomach, when they wake you up at 4am asking if it is time to eat yet, then you cannot sleep,” she said tearfully.

The mother of two, who uses a button analogue mobile phone, thinks the decision to provide 4G internet to the population is a joke at this point.

She said most of the people at Kijiji do not have smartphones. Those who have would be reluctant to have their children use them because many try to conserve electricity during the day to reduce their bills.

“Food is what human beings need to survive, not the internet. If sleeping on a hungry stomach is a struggle, what about studying? These measures are clearly designed to protect a certain class in the society, it is not in our interest,” she said.