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Interessante dall’inizio alla fine, ma ad un certo punto diventa profetico!

Dopo aver parlato di Gorge Bush Jr

even as the U.S. drifts further toward fascism…

18 anni fa aveva chiaro il futuro del suo paese.

The people in this room and those like us who are not here today are the ones that are supplying the arms for this information war.
We are going to encounter opposition and have in the past and some peopole in here are going to be taken down. That’s a fact, you know, but it’s… it’s sad but some people are going to get made examples, or they’re going to have all their gear confiscated… bad things will happen to some of you.
But we’re hackers, then this is our manifesto, then you will stop some of us but you can’t stop us all, because after all, we are all alike.


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    Sul sito di H2K2 è anche scaricabile in MP3